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Beware Adobe Flash update !

Viruses can be bad news, and hackers are continually finding new ways to gain access to your system. A virus that we have seen a number of times deserves mention. Here's how it works.

While visiting a website, a pop-up appears, it informs you that your Adobe Flash requires updating in order to view the website. It looks official, but it's not. Once you click on the Install button, you have now begun the process of downloading a virus. What's a user to do?

The simple response to this pop-up...don't click...don't install. Exit the webpage. If you feel that your Adobe Flash may need an update, always go to the site and download from there. Adobe's current install screen looks like the screen shot below.

Prior to clicking on the install button, be sure to read about the "Optional offers", there may be items you are not interested in and will want to uncheck these items.

If you do happen to get the virus, don't worry, it can be removed. But since there are multiple variations to this virus, it can be difficult to provide accurate instructions on this blog. When in doubt, give us a call, we can help.

Be safe, and watch what you are clicking on.

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