September 27, 2017

   If you use Google Docs or Office Online, or OneNote, you're used to not having to remember to save documents: mobile apps don't ask you to say that you want to keep the work that you've just done.

   So when Office 2016 added AutoSave to Word and Excel and Power...

May 18, 2017

2016 saw a lot of hacking activity, from government agencies, big and small businesses down to individuals and everything in between…no one was spared from the constant threat that occurs in our connected world.  We have all heard or read about the high profile attacks...

October 27, 2016

By this time, most of you have read, or are aware of, the massive internet disruptions that occurred on October 21.  Many popular sites: Twitter, Amazon, PayPal, Netflix, and others, became unavailable.  The cause of this was a highly sophisticated denial of service at...

May 5, 2016

The question comes up often…What’s the best browser?  The answer appears to change with the weather.  Well, not really, but it does seem as if yesterday’s best is not today’s top performer.  So, what’s really going on?


Internet browsers have been around for a...

November 9, 2015

We’ve all heard that social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others can be a treasure trove for hackers.  Each day millions of people post comments, photos and videos that are accessed by friends, family and the general public.  With all this tra...

September 1, 2015


It’s now been a few weeks since Microsoft released Windows 10 to the masses.  As with any new operating system, there will always be some pitfalls, but do the benefits exceed the hassle of upgrading.  Let’s look at some of the pros and cons.


First, let me say, if...

June 18, 2015

Everyone seems to be getting more comfortable using their smartphones for just about everything, and the hackers seem to know this.  Mobile malware is growing, especially now that more people are using their phones for financial transactions (online shopping, banking,...

June 9, 2015

Why do hackers do what they do, what value do they get?  And, how are we affected? 


Every day we read about new exploits, another data breach, sensitive information stolen; the hacking never seems to stop.  We all seem to believe that the objective of all cyber th...

May 12, 2015


2014 was a busy year for hackers, with over 300 million new pieces of malware released.  That’s almost one million new threats per day.  Last year also saw a record 24 identified zero-day vulnerabilities.  For most users the term zero-day does not mean much, the avera...

April 1, 2015

It wasn't that long ago, if you wanted a business grade email solution, you probably installed an Exchange server and bought Outlook for all your users.  If you were a small business, you probably had Microsoft's Small Business Server, which included Exchange.  Of cour...

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