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Lost in the fog?

We can clear things up.

Get on the Great Lakes cloud.




If there’s ever been a buzz word with more confusion….it’s “the cloud”. Everyone seems to be touting the benefits of the cloud, and with good reason, the benefits can be substantial. But the cloud is not a one-size fits all. Some applications work well in the cloud, some don’t. At Great Lakes IT Services, we will assess your needs and recommend a sound approach. If the cloud is a good fit for your business, we’ll help you get through the fog and onto the cloud. Our cloud solutions are specifically tailored for businesses in the Buffalo and western New York area.


One of our most popular cloud applications is email. Our cloud based Microsoft Exchange solution is simple to setup and easy to use. Each user gets full use of Outlook 2010 on their computer plus Outlook Web Access when they are on the go. For those with smartphones, ActiveSync provides two-way syncing between your computer and mobile devices. This low cost solution saves your company from having to invest in an Exchange server and all the associated support costs. For small to medium sized organizations, cloud based email delivers significant savings.

Benefits of our cloud based email:

  • Mailboxes up to 25GB

  • Attachments up to 50MB (no more bounced emails due to too large an attachment)

  • Full use of all Outlook features: email, calendar, contacts and tasks

  • Free Two-way syncing with your smartphones and tablets

  • Free SPAM filtering included

  • Email archiving (compliant with federal regulations for industries requiring archiving)

  • Email encryption (both 128 and 256 bit AES encryption options available)


In addition to our email solution, another popular cloud service is data backup. Backing up your data to the cloud provides enhanced security in the event of a disaster, theft or electrical surge at your facility. For our Buffalo based clients, our data backup solutions provide a multi-pronged approach to data security.

For those with special needs, ask us about some of our other cloud offerings. Moving to the cloud has never been easier, and in most cases the cloud is cost effective.


Typical Benefits of the cloud include:

  • No capital expense required

  • Flexibility – scale up or down as needed

  • No additional staff for IT needs

  • Built-in data backup and recovery


Contact Great Lakes IT Services today to learn more about the advantages of cloud computing services for your business.

Cloud Computing
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