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Have Your Hosting Handled By the Pros


If you’ve been dealing with the costs, risks and frustrations of having your business hosting your own servers, we’ve got good news for you. Great Lakes IT Services offers secure IT hosting services that can be quickly implemented without any disruption to your business, while providing you with better performance, expert IT hosting support, and guaranteed system security. These services are available to any business in the Buffalo / WNY area.


Great Lakes IT Services’ business hosting solutions feature:


  • Reliable connectivity – Uninterrupted connectivity between your employees and the critical applications necessary for workplace productivity.

  • Local Buffalo-based tech support – We’re here to help with any software problems, whether desktop or laptop, Mac or PC.

  • A fixed monthly rate – Simple, all-inclusive billing with no surprises.


Some of our most popular hosted services include Microsoft Exchange, Email Spam filtering, and website hosting. For the typical small business, email is critical. Our hosted email service provides even the smallest business with enterprise level email capabilities. You’ll get the full features of Microsoft Outlook: email, calendars, tasks and contacts. You’ll even get full active syncing with your smartphone. There’s no reason to settle for a clunky POP account any longer. Increase your productivity with a true Exchange mail solution.


The cost of trying to implement and host all of your applications in-house is way too much for most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The truth is that most businesses don’t have the knowledge or the staff to be able to implement every type of application in-house. And more importantly, some applications are more cost effectively handled in the cloud.


Great Lakes IT Services offers its Buffalo / WNY customers dependable business hosting solutions and knowledgeable IT support staff for one low fee, freeing you up to concentrate on building your business without losing time and resources on your IT infrastructure.


Contact Great Lakes IT Services now to learn how our IT hosting services can free you from the burdens of IT.

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