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Great Lakes IT provides a wide variety of technology related services, from simple PC repairs to complete network designs and installations.  Our team of professionals provides IT solutions and support for all types of industries and needs.


Managed Services

Our managed IT services reduce the headaches and costs associated with trying to manage and support your IT yourself, freeing you up to focus on your primary business objectives. We offer flexible plans to fit almost any size or type of business.

Business IT Support

We provide cost-effective IT support to clients who want on-demand services. Our rapid-response IT support is based on a per-hour or per-incident basis. From hardware installation or computer repairs to virus removal and software training, our expert IT support is just a call away.

Data Protection

Without a complete data backup and recovery solution, you could lose your critical business data. We provide backup and recovery services for companies looking for a way to protect their data from unexpected events.

Hosting Services

Most businesses lack the experience and staff to properly set up and manage a secure IT infrastructure. Great Lakes IT Services’ hosting services provide an affordable way for your business to get regular data backup, technical support, and secure access to your data, all for one fixed monthly rate.

IT Consulting

Whether your business is just starting up or has been around for a while, there comes a time when every business should stop to assess their IT infrastructure requirements. How well does your IT system fit your work processes? Are you planning to take your business in a new direction, if so, does your current IT system fit your future needs?

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing provides your business a way to reduce IT costs while simplifying internal systems. Get enhanced data security, and 24/7 tech support at one fixed rate.


Outsourced IT

Looking to right size your organization, gain insights into industry best practices or augment your current IT staff when big projects are on the horizon?  Whatever the reason, Great Lakes IT can handle all or just a portion of your IT needs.

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